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Our hyperbaric oxygen therapy centre is located in Emerald Park, where you can explore the benefits of HBOT just outside Regina. Our mission is simple; we wish to assist in the healing process of the mind, body and spirit. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has long been associated with the treatment of decompression sickness. Today, many people are turning to HBOT to help them counteract the effects of a wide range of medical afflictions, which includes everything from sports injuries and migraine headaches to Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative conditions.


Since starting to provide HBOT therapy over three years ago we have had a tremendous impact on many peoples lives… Learn More

Ion Cleanse (R)

The IonCleanse® in Regina creates precisely the same environment as a walk along the beach, only more powerfully because your feet are in direct contact with the ions being manufactured in the water… Learn More

Laser Therapy

Low intensity laser therapy (LILT) can treat chronic and acute injuries as well as degenerative conditions. This process speeds up the cells’ metabolism which helps you heal faster… Learn More

About US, Regina SK

Ivan and Judy Larsen opened O2xy-Wellness in 2015 with a focus on providing a positive health alternative and a community service. Now Emerald Park is home to the only private (Hard) Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber available in Saskatchewan.

After Judy was diagnosed 15 years ago with MS, it was a challenge to find affordable specialized treatments. For the Larsens the cost of travelling around the world for these specialized treatments was quite high. One of the treatments that showed the most promise and helped to improve Judy’s health was a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber treatment in Alberta.

“We saw the health benefits and decided it was necessary to buy a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber to help others in need,” said Judy

Both Ivan and Judy understand how the costs for treatment can be overwhelming, so they wanted to make sure others also had the opportunity for a healthier life.

Because of the Larsens’ caring, community-minded nature, they are making the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber treatments affordable and accessible to others in Saskatchewan. They wanted to make others’ journey with MS and other injuries easier through local treatments, an option that was not available to Judy.

With O2xy-Wellness, Ivan and Judy are dedicated to providing the community with an affordable healthcare alternative that will improve all aspects of everyday life. The Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber treatments also assist with other specific issues, such as sports injuries, strokes and traumatic brain injuries, while helping with general wellness and prevention.

“Our clients have had many issues and stresses to deal with because of their illnesses,” said Judy. “We want to help them have a positive health experience when they use the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber.”

According to Ivan and Judy, the community has been very receptive to the new business. Owning O2xy-Wellness is just another shining example of Judy’s sharing and caring nature, which comes from spending her career working in Regina Health Care.

“We care about the community and want to give back,” said Judy. “It’s just the right thing to do.”

This inspirational couple shows why it is important to have a positive attitude and meet the challenges life presents with a smile and an open and caring heart.

The use of hyperbaric oxygen is a safe, effective treatment that has been used for almost 200 years to effectively treat a number of conditions which may not have responded to traditional medicine.

If you have questions concerning the use, application, or rationale for the use of hyperbaric oxygen and how it could possibly help you or a loved one, please contact Judy and Ivan Larsen at O2xy-Wellness.

“We are just happy to be able to provide relief  and hope to others who are struggling with their medical conditions,” said Judy.