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We are your preferred Health Center for Sleep Apnea, Meditation and a healthy lifestyle, our HBOT is our most innovative resource for your well being
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Welcome! to O2xy-wellness

Thank you for finding o2xy-wellness.  Our mission is simple;  We are here to assist in your healing,  your mind, body and spirit.  We can help you in a variety of ways.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is one of our passions.  To Quote Murray, one of our clients  treated after a stroke.  “Al, You’ve given me HOPE”.  Please watch Murray’s video along with many others about real people having real changes made to their life.  Hyperbaric Oxygen is growing worldwide, in fact Japan just introduced the first Hyperbaric Oxygen Ambulance. Cancer, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, M.S., Concussions, Diabetes, Lyme Disease, Brain Injuries, Strokes, Sports Injuries, Pre and Post operations, and many other conditions are being successfully treated with HBOT.  Hyperbaric Oxygen is completely safe, hard to find a treatment so effective and safe!!  If you are new to this do some research, read Al’s Blogs, o2xy-wellness Facebook page and you will learn just how effective it is.

Another passion is the life science of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a 5000 year old East Indian tradition of living a balanced life.  It’s three pillars are to treat your mind, body and spirit.  Is is fascinating to learn this and implement it into your daily routines.  Meditation is a big part of this.  We have weekly group meditations.  Please read more in the Ayurveda section.


Since starting to provide HBOT therapy over three years ago we have had a tremendous impact on many peoples lives,….Learn More

Meditation & Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the oldest surviving complete medical system in the world. It offers a rich, comprehensive guidelines to a healthy life, with origins that date back over 5000 year… Learn more


o2xy-wellness is happy to be able to provide our clients with Massage Therapy From Relaxation to Sports and more… Learn more

Online Store

o2xy-wellness has a wide range of wellness products for your health, please o ahead and browse thru them.. Learn more

HBOT Benefits

HBOT is the safest medical procedure you will ever undertake.  Do some research, contact us with any questions, give us a visit

We have countless testimonials in or page from past clients who have benefited form this amazing healing modality


Our steam shower and Far Infrared Sauna (FIR) are available. Essences can be added to your steam for added benefit.

Sauna baths are also beneficial to the respiratory and circulatory systems making your heart stronger

Meditation & Ayurveda

Our Meditation and Ayurveda will help you achieve optimal Life balance, talk to Dave (Reiki Master) to find out more about our exciting Events, retreats, drumming nights and more!

At Oxywellness we aim to provide our customers and friends a safe and healthy space for everyone to Enjoy


About Us

Allan Evans,

O2xy-wellness is proud to be 100% locally owned and operated.   We are dedicated to providing healthcare in both traditional and non-traditional forms.  We have strong clinical backgrounds in healthcare and feel there is a place to augment traditional therapy with complimentary modalities.  This endeavour is a lifelong dream to become leaders in our field and truly provide our clients with techniques and therapy that will improve all aspects of every- day life.

Our style can be summed up in one of our clients statements when she was trying to describe o2xy-wellness to a friend:  her statement,  “it’s like they actually care about what they are doing for me”  accurately describes our  philosophy.  We do care about what we do and are passionate in our desire to help

Since we started we have had:

HBOT Treatments


Sleep Apnea Treatments

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Watch our YouTube Channel to see the latest testimonials also our blog for the latest news and research in the HBOT world


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Our Testimonials

We at Oxy Wellness have had the pleasure and Joy to help several people form children to seniors individuals with different health conditions some by accident or some by birth

when you read and watch these individuals speak about their experience here at oxywellness you ll know

“We are your path to wellness”

Our Team

We are proud to have a great team of individuals who will be able to help you by providing information and assist you while you develop your wellness, meet our Team

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Red Deer-RMT
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Dave Whitely

Meditation - Reiki Master - Certified Past Life Regression - Massage